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Panoramic view of Mission Central, Mapleton Iowa

On Tuesday May 8th 2012 we were blessed to spend time at Mission Central in Mapleton Iowa. Mission Central is a wonderful place were God’s faithful gather to pray for, support, and encourage missionaries. Missionary Gary Theis and his wonderful band of volunteers, including his beautiful wife Maxine, make it possible for missionaries to serve around the world by connecting us with supporters, mantaining relationships with supporters, and processing the faithful gifts they send. If you have never been to Mission Central this is a must see place. Traveling close to Iowa plan an extra day and visit. You will be amazed at the mission history and mission passion that is surrounded Iowa corn fields. Thank you for all the work you do for God’s Mission!!!

After being to shy to speak to the level 3 and 4 spanish students at Lutheran High Northeast, Norfolk NE Stephanie wanted to make this video for them. It was a blessing to visit this wonderful christ focused school in Norfolk NE. May God conitinue to bless the teachers and students of Lutheran High Northeast. May God also bless the senior class as they look to the future God has placed before them.

What an exciting time we had in Nebraska. Our “thank you” tour of congregations and schools started the second day after we arrived in the USA. We visited Lutheran schools in Staplehurst NE, Lincoln NE, Plainview NE, Battle Creek NE, and Norfolk NE. We have also been blessed to visit  congregations in Orchard NE and Norfolk NE.

Currently we are in Iowa and will speak at Hope Lutheran Church in Altoona on Sunday. This has been a wonderful journey so far and we look forward to going to visit MISSIONARY GARY in Mapleton Iowa on Tuesday.

Mission Central Times –

1:00 pm


After moving to Peru from Panama in March of last year(2011) I could only dream that the new mission in Peru would be celebrating the confirmation of its first member. This dream became a reality on April 15, 2012 when Rosa Gonzales was confirmed into the faith after studying the catechism with me, Bruce. Rosa, Rosita as we call her in our home, became connected to our ministry when she helped translate for an eye-glass clinic with MOST ministries in June of 2011. During her time translating, spending time with the team, and attending our devotions she began to see the richness of Lutheran Doctrine.  After the team left Rosita agreed to work part-time for our family to help Sarah with Spanish and to help around the house as we adapted to life in Peru, especially with a new baby.

Rosita began to spend lots of time with our family which included family devotions, meals(in which we always pray), and attending Elijah’s baptism. As our relationship grew we gave Rosita a personal Bible, a Spanish copy of the catechism, and issues of Portal of Prayers. In November of 2012 Rosita told me that she would like to become part of the Lutheran church and to learn more about the teaching of the Lutheran Church. Rosita already attended an evangelical church in Lima but was excited about the clarity and fullness of the our doctrine. As classes began Often Rosita would tell me, often with great excitement, “Bruce this is what I though the bible said but I could never find a Church that taught this!!” When studying the sacrament of Holy Baptism Rosita was excited to learn that it was ok to baptize children, that one baptism is all that is need, and that we are baptized in to Christ not a church or denomination. For Rosita she finally found the home in which the Holy Spirit has guided her to.

Teaching and walking through the scriptures was a blessing for me. Rosita is bilingual and I taught the classes in Spanish but she was able to help me and teach me especially in the technical church language. As a teacher I felt much more like a student at times and enjoyed every bit of our journey to her confirmation and blessed to partake of the sacrament of Holy Communion with our sister in Christ.

Rosita’s confirmation is only the beginning. She has agreed to take over the coordination of youth ministry for the mission as a volunteer. She has brought her mother to worship and now her mom, Teo, is taking confirmation classes with Jamie Endorf.  Rosita is not only a member but a part of the mission. Her involvement will be a blessing to our work and the future of the Lutheran Church in Peru.

May we praise God for the grace and love he has showered upon Rosita and that he has brought her to the church. May we also continually pray for Rosita and her walk, as we also pray for the mission God has put before all of us in Peru. May Rosita be the first of many who will hear the God’s Word and be led to eternal Salvation found in Christ.


A special thanks to Concordia Mission Society for the Good News (Buenas Noticias) magazine, CPH for the catechism in Spanish, and to Lutheran Heritage Foundation for the free Spanish Bibles with Catechism. These resources are a blessing as we share the Gospel and instruct people in the Faith.

It has been over a year since our last post and I would like to aplogize for all the down time. Over the past year a lot of ministry and changes have happened. God has blessed us in many ways. Here is a brief update.

March 22, 2011 – Moved from Panama to Peru

July 6, 2011 – First Worship service in Peru- Lunahuana

July 12, 2011 – Elijah Arnold Wall was born in Lima, Peru

October, 2011 – Bruce Attended the Beautiful Feet Conference, Congregational Partners met in Peru.

January, 2012 – Visas were issued for Bruce and Sarah, Team Treasure led a VBS in San Borja(Grace Lutheran Midland TX), Anthony Di Liberto returns to Peru as a career missionary, Sunday Bible studies begin – prepare for first worship, Confirmation Classes begin.

February 2012 – Memorial Sioux Falls team VBS, Lunahuana, Filming of Chitachay (movie based on Abraham and Isacc in a Peruvian setting),

March 11, 2012 – First offical worship service in Lima.Image




El Sexto Mandamiento – No cometerás adulterio.

6th commandment – You shall not commit adultery.

Previous memory work:

El Primer Mandamiento – No tenga otros dios aparte de mi.

El Segundo Mandamiento – No usarás el nombre de tu Dios en vano.

second commandment – You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God

El Tercer Mandamiento – Santificarás el día de reposo.

3rd Commandment – Remeber the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

El Cuarto Mandamiento – Honrarás a tu padre y a tu madre.

4th commandment – Honor your father and your mother.

El Quinto Mandamiento – No Matarás.

5th commandment – You shall not murder.

(Commandments  taken form Martin Luthers Small Catechism Bilungual – CPH)